Sometimes you need to handle process data outside of a file. Can you find a way to keep the output from this program and search for the flag? Connect to 14291.

Right! Open up the terminal and type the following.

nc 14291

You will get a lot of output. I mean a lot. What can you do about it? We know that somewhere inside this output lives our flag. We know from the previous challenges that the flag follows this format. picoCTF{XXXX}

Only if there was a way to search for that pattern... Rest assured, there is.

nc 14291 | grep picoCTF{

The second part of the command after the pipe symbol ( | ) does the following.

Search through all the output that you get for the text ( picoCTF{ ), and when you find it print that to the screen. Easy right? However, if you want to dive deeper open up the terminal and type the following.

man grep

Good job, you found the flag!